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We're proud of our Club, our accomplishments and the women who make it all happen. An incredible amount of volunteer hours — and amazing women —make it possible for us to continue to thrive. THANK YOU to our GFWC Naples Women! Together we are stronger!

Awards & Recognition

Special thanks to Danalyn Cahill for her amazing artistic contributions. Since 1932, our official club flower has been the red hibiscus. Danalyn recreated a long-lost, hand drawn image and made it possible for us to step into 2013 with a vibrant, fresh, and classic new logo. Many hours of work were donated to create the beautiful hibiscus you see on this website — and anywhere else you see the GFWC Naples Woman's Club. Thank you, Danalyn! Your talent as a graphic designer, professionalism, and generosity are truly a gift.

Special Recognition


GFWC Florida Federation

Fundraising - 1st Place

Art & Crafts Ribbons



GFWC Florida Federation

Fundraising - 1st Place

Leadership - 1st Place

Membership - 3rd Place

Art & Crafts Ribbons



GFWC Florida Federation

Membership - 2nd Place; Increased over 25%

Public Issues - 2nd Place; "Time Capsule" Partnership

Domestic Violence Prevention Partnerships - 3rd Place

District 12 Director President's Award to Lee Kraus.

Community Improvement - Clubhouse Renovation

Honor Award

Art & Craft Awards



GFWC Florida Federation

Membership — 1st Place (Category 5 )

Domestic Violence Awareness — 1st Place (Category 5)

Membership — “Shoe Award” " Largest increase in


Honor Score

“Dean’s List” Award — Newspaper publication,

“The Hibiscus”


City of Naples Proclamation, “Naples Woman’s Club Day”

In gratitude for eight decades of service January 10, 2013;

Awarded by Mayor John F. Sorey III



GFWC Florida Federation

Honor Score

Home Life — 1st Place & Overall Award

Public Issues — 2nd Place

Conservation — 2nd Place

Education — 3rd Place

Programs — 3rd Place

Public Relations — 3rd Place



GFWC Florida Federation

Honor Score

Public Issues — 1st Place Overall Award; contributing Partnership w/ Home life; Sew Much Comfort; Empowerment of Women (Dora Valentine Scholarship)

City of Naples Proclamation

November 9, 2011, Awarded by Mayor, Bill Barnet in anticipation of celebrating 80 years of Service




GFWC Florida Federation

Honor Score

Education — 1st place (Category 5) "Education in the Community"

Conservation — 2nd Place (Category 5)

Domestic Violence Awareness — 2nd Place (Category 5)

Programs — 2nd Place( Category 5)


State Poetry Award — 1st Place




GFWC Florida Federation

Noah's Ark Award — Outstanding Participation with Heifer International, "Sharing Hope"

Education — 1st Place (Category 5) "Education in the Community"

Education — Overall Award

Conservation — 2nd Place

Empowering Women Committee — 2nd Place (Category 5) "Domestic Violence Awareness"

Programs — 2nd Place

Education — 3rd Place (Category 5) "Focus on Literacy"

Public Relations — 3rd Place (Category 5)

Honor Score




GFWC Florida Federation

Home Life — 1st Place (Category 5

Home Life — Overall Award

Education — 1st Place (Category 5), "Lifelong Learning"

Ways& Means — 1st Place "Dollars & Cents"

Fundraising — 2nd Place (Category 5)

Arts — 3rd Place "Arts in the Community"

Education — 3rd Place Overall (Category 5)

Public Relations — 3rd Place (Category 5)

Sew-Much-Comfort — 3rd Place "Break-away garments for amputees"

Honor Score


GFWC National Photography Award

Ways & Means — 2nd place "Volunteers In Action" (World of Pictures)




GFWC Florida Federation

Honor Score

Home Life — 1st Place "Women’s Health"

Programs — 1st Place

Newsletter — 2nd Place

Fund-raising — 2nd Place

Conservation — 2nd Place

Arts — 2nd Place, Arts In The Community


City of Naples Proclamation Naples Woman’s Club Day “75 Years of Service” January 20, 2007, Awarded by Mayor Bill Barnett





Florida Federation

Newsletter — 1st Place (Category5)

Conservation — 1st Place (Category 5)

Art in the Community — 1st Place (Category 5)

International — 2nd Place (Category 5) "Doctors' Without Borders"

Home Life — 2nd Place (Category 5) "Helping Hands in the Community" Honor Score




$45,000 Friedenwald Grant (5 year, $9,000 annual Award)

Bestowed for “Outstanding Leadership & Service to Community



National Award — Literacy-Education “Tutoring From the Heart”




Florida Federation

Honor Score

Education — 1st Place (Category 5)

Education — 1st Place, Special Projects

Public Relations — Media 1st Place




GFWC — State Photography Award




Florida Federation

Public Relations — “Seeds of Service” Media Award

Honor Score

Arts — 1st Place Special Project (Puppet Theater-Immokalee)

Conservation — 1st Place

Education — 1st Overall

Education — 1st Place Literacy



State Photography Award




Florida Federation

Public Relations — 1st Place, Press Book Award Media & Publicity

Education — 2nd Place Overall

Art — 3rd Place Overall, Very special Arts

Honor Score


City of Naples Proclamation “Naples Woman’s Club Day” 70 years of service

March 22nd 2002, Awarded by: Mayor Bonnie Mackenzie




Florida Federation

Honor Score

Education — 1st Place Overall Award

Arts — 2nd Place Overall Award

Home Life — 2nd Place Overall Award



State Photography Award




Florida Federation

Art — Overall Award "Women in the Arts", Partner: Philharmonic Festival of Trees

International — Overall Award "Outreach Program for Children"

Arts — 2nd Place (Category 4)

Public Relations — 3rd Place (Category 4)

Honor Score


GFWC Awards

Community Improvement Program "Alliance for Children"

Arts — Very Special Arts "Art in the Park Programs"


Naples’ Diamond Jubilee

Commemorative Marker installed outside the Clubhouse, recognizing historical significance of NWC building which held the city’s first library.



Florida Federation

Art — 1st Place (Category 5) VSA “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” Immokalee

International — 1st Place (Category 5)

Education — 2nd Place (Category 5)

Newsletter — 3rd Place

Honor Score


Louise Prothero Endowment bestowed to provide 4 year/ $14,000 scholarships


GFWC National Awards

Recognition of 50 years of Federation

National Photography Award



Florida Federation

Club Leadership Award — 1st Place trophy (engraved silver tray)

Lois B. Perkins Finalist “Best Club in Florida” — 30+ Awards

Mental Health Project / State President's Award — 3rd Place

Art — 1st Place/Category 5

Education — 1st Place (Category 5)

Fund-raising — 1st Place (Category 5)

Membership — 2nd Place (Category 5)

Leadership — 2nd Place (Category 5)

Public Affairs — 3rd Place (Category 5)

Yearbook — 3rd Place (Category 5)

Home Life — 4th Place (Category 5)

Newsletter — 4th Place (Category 5)

Honor Score



State Haiku Poetry Award



Florida Federation

Marcia Bright General — Juniorette Award 2nd Place

State Haiku Poetry Award

Honor Score



National Drama Award — 2nd Place “Tapestry of the Gods” (play in verse for Girl Scouts)


Doris Gandees, NWC founding president, selected as “Grand Marshal” of the Naples July 4th Parade to celebrate NWC's 65 years of service to the community.



Florida Federation

Lois B. Perkins “Best Club in Florida” Award

34 Department Awards

Honor Score



Florida Federation

Lois B Perkins Award “Best Club in Florida"

36 NWC Department Awards.

Honor Score



Florida Federation

Judith Lutz General Junior Interaction Award with Naples Junior Woman’s Club

25 NWC Department Awards

Honor Score



Florida Federation

Honor Score

Conservation Outstanding Volunteer Award

Newsletter — Best in Florida

State Award — Skit “Ain’t necessarily So”

State Award — Club History (Oral and Written)



Florida Federation

Programs — 1st Place

Education — 1st Place "School Issues"

Fundraising — 1st Place


Dorothy Edwards Endowment (received to establish annual scholarship awards for vocational training)



hibiscus_3_right proclamation_john_sorey_lee_kraus

Former Mayor John Sorey & Past President

Lee Kraus, 2013 Proclamation:

"Naples Woman's Club Day"

Member Spotlight

Rear Admiral Louise C. Wilmot, who was the first woman to ever command a U.S. Naval base, was the keynote speaker during a memorial service at the Terraces at Bonita Springs retirement community.  She retired in 1994 as the highest ranking female Naval officer.


Read More > Louise C. Wilmot



admiral02 20151119_ProclamationGFWC125


Florida Federation

Best Club History — 1st Place “Friday’s Children” by Kathryn Post , a history of NWC 1932-1967

(The book was written and published to celebrate the Club’s 35th Anniversary. “Friday’s Children” is in the Florida Federation Library in Lakeland, Florida.)

125th anniversary of GFWC