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Scholarship Info


2016 Scholarship Winners

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The GFWC Naples Woman's Club contributes substantial scholarships and awards to Collier County high school seniors and women in need who are returning to school.  We offer scholarships for 4-year degree-granting programs, 2-year technical programs, specific arts & journalism scholarships, and we also recognize outstanding Community Service with 2 additional awards.  

Lee Kraus Scholarship (1) - $3000  NEW IN 2017!







In honor of the vision, deep commitment, hard work  and many

incredible accomplishments of Lee Kraus while she was  

GFWC Naples Woman’s Club president from 2012-2016,

her husband Tim established this new scholarship. The

Scholarship Interview Committee will be looking for a deserving

student who demonstrates Lee’s leadership, passion and

commitment to serving others. This scholarship is also available

to a mature woman who has experienced hardship, but is

pursuing education or training, leading to economic



Circle of Support Scholarships (Total 7-9) - $5,000 each, may be renewable on application

3 Liz Becton-Read Circle of Support Scholarships (NEW), 5 Circle of Support Scholarships 

(NEW), 2 Blanche Hawkins Circle of Support Scholarship Renewals



The Circle of Support recognizes and supports exemplary Collier country graduates based on academic excellence, financial need and community service.  At least one Circle of Support scholarship will be given to a mature woman who has experienced hardship, but is pursuing education or training leading to economic independence.  In 2015, a gift from the Hawkins Family Foundation was the impetus for a matching campaign allowing Naples Woman’s Club to establish this fund. In 2016, two renewable Blanche Hawkins Circle of Support scholarships were awarded. The new 2017 scholarships include three Liz Becton-Read Circle of Support Scholarships in recognition of her generous support this year, as well as fiveadditional Circle of Support scholarships funded by a caring circle of donors.


GFWC Naples Woman’s Club Educational Scholarships  (8 or more)  -  $2,000 each



The GFWC Naples Woman's Club Educational Scholarships reward academic excellence, community service and leadership shown by Collier County graduates. The Scholarship Committee carefully reviews applications from students with a 3.5 GPA or above, with consideration for financial need.


Beryl Paulson Memorial Scholarship (1)- $2000



The Beryl Paulson Memorial Scholarship is a $2,000 scholarship given to an exceptional young lady graduating in 2017 with a 3.5 GPA or above, in need of financial support to attend college. Preference is given to a young woman with previous work experience who plans to become an educator.


Art Committee Award (1) -$2000


In partnership with the Naples Art Association, Naples Woman’s Club gives the $2000 Eileen Steen Art Award to a graduating senior continuing his or her education in the Arts.


Dorothy Edwards Technical Awards (3) - $1500 each, renewable on application


The Dorothy Edwards Technical Awards were endowed in 1992 by a past Naples Woman's Club member.   Collier County graduates who are pursuing a technical career path are invited to apply.

Three technical/vocational scholarships are available for programs ranging from practical nursing, medical technician, dental assistant, culinary studies, etc.   See a complete list @ lwitc.edu  or itech.edu.


GFWC Naples Woman’s Club Community Service Awards (2) – $2000 & $1000



GFWC Naples Woman's Club Community Service Awards were initiated in 2002 to recognize students who have given outstanding volunteer service to our Collier County community.  The Philanthropy Committee looks for demonstrated leadership, innovation, initiative, responsibility and dedication to philanthropic cause(s) over a significant period of time. This award may be given in addition to another NWC scholarship, and the Scholarship Committee automatically considers all NWC scholarship applicants.

Students with a 3.0 to 3.49 GPA may also apply for this award using the general scholarship application, but must clearly write COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD ONLY on the top of page one.


Dora Valentine Empowering Women Scholarship (1) - $2000 or more


Each November, the Empowering Women's Committee selects a qualified woman from the Shelter for Abused Women and Children and gives her a scholarship and support so she can further her education. Since 2007, Dora Valentine’s family has donated $500 annually and the GFWC Naples Woman's Club contributes at least $1,500 raised through the Empowering Woman Luncheon.   Application information is available through their website: Shelter for Abused Women and Children.



Past President Lee Kraus and Tim Kraus


At A Glance ...


GFWC Naples Woman's Club is proud to award scholarships each year to Collier County residents.



Dorothy Edwards Technical Awards

$1,500 annually

2-year renewable


*Lee Kraus Scholarship

(1) - $3000  

Inaugural Award 2017



Circle of Support Scholarships

(7-9) - $5,000 (may be renewed)


3 Liz Becton-Read Circle of Support (NEW in 2017)


4 additional Circle of Support Scholarships


2 Blanche Hawkins Circle of Support (Year 2 renewals)


*1 Circle of Support Scholarship for Mature Woman



Community Service Awards

(2) $2,000 & $1000



Beryl B. Paulson Memorial Scholarship




GFWC Educational Scholarships

15 General Scholarships

$2,000 each



Eileen Steen Art Award




Dora Valentine Empowering Women Scholarship

$2,000 or more



*mature woman in need may apply




       NWC College/Career Program

Student Scholarship Application 2018 -

       to download, click link below:

Scholarship Application